No compos? Renoise crossover!?

Seems some folks are kinda really into remix compos lately, though. maybe its paper tiger and the skrillex thing. maybe not. maybe. anyway, prob a good thing (?). I like hearing how people do these remixes in renoise.

That’s cool. So, i was thinking maybe a good compo is: best (current compo)remix done in renoise.

Next round due soon

You may want to be a bit more specific about what you’re looking for; if you want to host your own compo it may be neat to do one where the competitors are paired, and must make, say, 1-3 min. of a tune, then switch tunes with the other member of the pair…

Another fun thing to try is a “pass the everlasting song” project where you give an xrns to the next composer and he adds to it, then it gets passed until you end up with an epic 30 min. piece…

yeah, ay… was just wondering… and i was just kinda saying i wanna hear how great people do at remixing tunes in renoise and if yours is the best. well, nice for you then! it’s hard to be specific about best, i know!

by the way, chunter, what would get your goat going, compo-wise?. i might not put on stockings but maybe high heels… for a moment/ no pics

Nothing at the moment, it’s heading toward a busy tine of year for me.

k laterz then?