No continuous scrolling on cursor key pressed

I need to hit the cursor keys for each line and column I want to move, there is no holding and scrolling!
What am I missing?

Is it like this for you all the time or sometimes? Make sure the pattern editor has focus, (red lill brackets on the borders of the pattern editor). If you have a mouse with scroll wheel you can press it when inside the pattern editor to force focus inside of it.

The pattern editor has focus. This is the first time this happend. Very strange, I always used to hold the key and continuously scroll. It takes ages to edit like this + I will wear out my hand and keyboard.
Yes - I restarted - problem remains.
macOS Catalina (10.15.5)

I think there also are preferences regarding this, check if you can find the repeat settings. Perhapsyou accidentally changed them?

I checked all settings but could not find any other obvious setting than keyboard repeat rate, which is at 40ms.
Keys work in hold-down > repeat outside of Renoise (I thought it might be an OS/Keyboard issue).

Are you using 2 screens? If so does it matter if you minimize the external display? Also are you using other programs in the background like an internetbrowser? Try closing these down. Running out of ideas here :slight_smile: , have had a similar issue in the past on windows 10, though I think it was just a matter of switching focus until it fixed itself.

Just one screen. Rebooting and then launching just Renoise to isolate the problem…

After a reboot, my most favourite DAW works again, even with multiple applications in the background.
It would however be great to understand what caused this effect.