[No] Does The Api Support Disk Browser "More"/Masterspectrum&#

Does the Api support Disk Browser “More”/MasterSpectrum"More"/TrackDSPS"More"?

Thanks to all the help from dBlue/Conner_BW/VV/Joule for getting me up to being able to ask a question like this. It’d really make my day to find out that one could start up MasterSpectrum in “More” mode with a shortcut ;)

I’m of course referring to the “Easter egg” mode which allows for a bigger display of Track Scopes, Master Spectrum or Master Scopes… (or Disk Browser, obviously ;) )

The shortcut to change the views already exists:
Global - View -> Focus Diskop/Scopes.
(pressing the shortcut multiple times toggles between the 4 views.)

the More option cannot be triggered through Lua.

Ok. Is it possible for me to create a function which sets the correct view (Master Spectrum, no lower frame) and then call Global:View:Focus Diskop/Scopes)? I know the correct view can be created now, I’ve got a few working already, but can this focus diskop scopes also be called from LUA - i.e. can a script make a shortcut be pressed

Ok, change of tactics - can a LUA script be used to change a Global View Preset? ;)

I suppose even Recall of a global view preset with “More” enabled in Master Spectrum / Disk Browser - will be enough for now. D’you think it’ll eventually be possible to have More in the API, or will these always be a bit fringe and not really as developed further (I think the diskbrowser in More-mode and the track dsp more-mode and diskop more-mode are absolutely wonderful looking, and will of course set them up as Global View Presets for my config.xml modification purposes - if there’s no way to do it by scrip)… I was shocked to note that they existed, and they’re so lush :)

Why don’t you browse through the scripts documentation?


It may work to enable and recall it, but you still have to click that “More” button yourself prior to storing.
The config file is overwritten when Renoise closes and it only loads the config during startup. So altering the config.xml from within a lua script won’t help either.

Yeah, it’s back to instructing people how to make a config.xml GuiViews change in order to enable DiskBrowser"More" and MasterSpectrum"More" modes - then recalling them with a script KeyBind.
Will try and find a safe way (maybe Global View Preset 8?) to do it…

Well, the more modes, or at least the side effects you aim on, are side effects. They were not meant to be working like that in the first place so you are actually risking wasting time on getting something to function that might be removed in the future completely as it is not an official feature.
By all means, as personal learning curve, don’t hold yourself back, just wanted to give you a little warning about doing stuff with unoffical effects though.

Well, I’ve already got Shift-F4 set to DiskBrowser(More) and shift-f11 set to MasterSpectrum(More)… Luckily these aren’t in any way related to ImpulseTracker-izing Renoise, so I don’t have to bother, I can just make a screenset (excuse me, Global View Preset) myself and use it on my own :)

D’you think there’s even a little chance that “More” settings for Upper Frame will ever be callable via the API?

Well, i don’t have secret dark desires for it, if that was an answer you were hoping for :P

Well, one can always live in hope, :unsure:

That’s true. People are always allowed to pray for the solution yes.