No Input Signal for Sample Recorder

I’m trying to create a voice sample using either the internal mic or a a USB mic

Whichever I choose, no audio signal shows on the sample recorder’s VU.

No source is indicated either (although the manual says that may happen).

I’m using a Mac.

You have to setup your input audio device.

Tutorial: Setting Up Audio Devices in teh manual.

Thanks. I had done that already.

is your microphone volume high enough?
is the microphone on?
is the microphone volume not muted?

also: your microphone probably works at 48000 Hz, but maybe set it to 44100 Hz.

can you record in other applications?

Yes, I tested it.

What was the recording frequency on which you tested it?
Does switching the frequency help?

Also: Is your - microphone in - not used at this time by another application?

I switched the frequency and still nothing. The mic is not being used by another application.

I appreciate you’re help, but I think I might just have to record vox elsewhere, import it as a sample, and sync it up.

You may need to check your security settings?

Thanks, but still no luck I’m afraid.

You say: No source is indicated.

Did you mean: it turns up with a completely empty sample (0 seconds)

Maybe you have to push Record first?

System Preferences - Sound - Input

are the recording levels turned up there?