No Intentions

This must be one of my better, what you think?

Yeah, it’s decent, perhaps the bass is a bit too heavy (low end bassdrum + a lot of sub) for the topic “no intentions” ? :dribble: I like, that you do not create music for a certain genre, but sortof define your own genre-mix-up every time.

Thanks RachmanEnough, i did wonder if the bass was a bit overkill. Usually when i mix in too much bass though, it seems to sound awful on laptops and such, but i was a bit surprised it sounds quite allright this time.

Haha, me and genres are not in a symbiotic relationship, that’s for shure. I don’t know why, but i think most of the reason is that i get bored by trying to replicate things and i don’t really listen all that much to electronic music to be honest, i’m really more of a grunge/rock/metal guy. One moment i listen to Necrophagist and the next i listen to Aphex Twin, just to put on some Pavement, before making a metal chiptune or whatever in Renoise, maybe not so strange i’m a little genre confused? :stuck_out_tongue: