No Keytracking-Device In Send Channel

title says it all i guess. in the Renoise 2.7beta when i load a device chain that contains a keytracking-device into a send-channel, the keytracking-device doesn’t load (works on a normal channel though). is there a reason for this? i suspect you disabled this on purpose?

what i do is build fx-chains to be used on sends specifically, some of them contain keytracking-devices. then i copy/paste the keytracking-device to a free normal channel and use a ghost instrument (empty one) to control the device-chain on the send. i know this is a somewhat exotic way of doing things but i like it that way.

the reason i want the old way of handeling this back is that the keytracking-device and all its settings are then stored within the fx-chain. so i have it all in one place instead of having to save the fx-chain and the keytracking-device for it separately. saves some hassle.

as a workaround i now have to load the fx-chain to a normal channel and to the send channel, then delete all of the chain from the normal channel except for the keytracking device. kinda works too but it’s more work than necessary.

so please devs, if there’s no good reason for this new behaviour, please go back to how it worked so far.

Send Tracks can’t contain notes, so it doesn’t make sense to even use a Key-Tracking Device or Velocity Device there. You couldn’t add a Velocity Device to a Send Track in 2.6 for example, so I think it was probably just a bug/oversight that Key-Tracking Devices could ever be inserted there in the first place, and now this has been fixed in 2.7.

It is slightly unfortunate that it has affected your personal workflow in this instance, but I’m not sure if it makes any sense to allow note-based devices on the Send Tracks.

o.k. that sounds reasonable. wasn’t aware i was incorporating a ‘bug’ into my workflow. will have to use the workaround i mentioned then. no probs.

Why would you want use a key-tracking device on a send-track anyway?

as i said this is a bit exotic on my behalf. the keytracking-device should just be loaded when i place a device-chain on a send-channel so all its settings are there already. then i could just copy/paste the keytrack to a normal channel and use it to control the send.

i like working that way, using an empty instrument just to control values of fx-chains. makes it more independant as i don’t have to use real (sounding) instruments for that. and its way more intuitive than using automation or pattern commands. good for live jamming - hit a key on the keyboard and everything changes…