No MIDI feedback on BCR2000 with Duplex

I really hope one of the Duplex gurus could help me with this.

I just got a brand new Behringer BCR2000 and was looking forward to hooking it up and using Duplex (Mixer and Effects) with it.

Both the input and output ports of the Duplex application are set to BCR2000, and I am not using these ports anywhere else, neither in Renoise nor any other software.

Input works well. When turning a knob on the BCR2000, Duplex and Renoise react. However, when I move the same parameter in Duplex or Renoise, it is not updated back on the BCR2000. When changing channel pages nothing gets updated on the device as well.

I’ll be extremely grateful if anyone could help me!

Got it, people!

This post by Danoise had the answer:

For those who are interested, here’s the gist of it:

What i did

  1. Install behringer drivers
  2. Import factory default presets
  3. Finally, found this and set ‘self.loopback_received_messages = true’

It works! Thanks!

I just tried switching this on and it seems to work. I hope this won’t cause too much trouble. I