No MIDI messages in Renoise


I have an issue with my midi controllers on Renoise. I explain, when I link up my midi controllers to my computer Renoise recognize them but, when I press a touch, a key or anything, nothing happens and no midi message is sent… I tried to look with a Midi translator and all my Midi controllers work fine. But it is just in Renoise …

Please help.


Go to preferences and set the MIDI MASTER KEYBOARD / MIDI MAPPING to your input devices


Thank you midi error, you probably the man of the situation. So I didn’t explain well. Everything is set up in the MIDI MASTER KEYBOARD / MIDI MAPPING But there’s no signals that Renoise receive from my midis. I tried with a midi translator and all my midis work fine but when it goes in Renoise or DJ software, there’s no signal which go through. But They are recognize and set up…

What controllers/brand/type are you trying to use?


Thank you for help. I’m using an AKAI KEYBOARD + an SAMSON PAD CONTROLLER on linux…