No Navigation Arrows in Sliders in 3.1?

Mac, OS X (10.10.5)

Navigation arrows up/down left/right are all gone everywhere in the latest RC, but missing in the Betas too. This is the case at startup and continuously, so no need to do something particular to evoke the “bug*”.

However, personally I don’t need this as I’m using short-commands most of the time. They are useful sometimes though. I only thought just in case…

  • Is it even a bug or a deliberate choice for an UI-change? Since no one seems to have brought it up before I can’t help wondering.

I’ve also aldready asked, it seems to be UI choise, which ain’t really good in my pov, since sometimes it can still come really handy…

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Sometimes, I used these buttons too. What’s the point in removing them? It’s not that removing them is freeing up needed space - or?

I think they’re cleaning up the GUI, which is a good thing in my opinion. Though maybe these arrow icons are useful for beginners who don’t use shortcuts?

A basic shortcut tutorial tips video might be useful, I think many people including myself can learn something useful.

I just realized I need to change the shortcuts for scrolling when inside the pattern matrix, COMMAND + UP/DOWN really should behave like when you are in the pattern editor where it goes to previous/next sequence and not resize the slot height, I know the idea behind it but it still confuses me LOL. EDIT: That was a bad idea, just didn’t work as imagined.

What are the shortcuts to use instead of the arrows? I miss the arrows for the vst fx chooser, I know I can focus on it and using up and down but sometimes I just wanted to move down a line or two without moving focus.

sometimes I just wanted to move down a line or two without moving focus.

You can hover over the list and use your mouse scroll wheel instead.

If you want to move through the list faster, but don’t want to use the actual scroll bar handle for some reason, then you can also click above/below the handle to move page by page.

6556 renoise-scroll-page-up-down.png

If your plugin list is absolutely huge and you know what you’re looking for, then just type a few characters into the search box and avoid all the damn scrolling in the first place. Better yet, favourite your favourite plugins so they appear first! :slight_smile:

Thanks, I forgot about using the mousewheel. I just have a trackpad and don’t really use the gesture type features much but will try to remember for this in the future, definitely handy. The other tricks I’ve been using but I still like the old arrows but perhaps that’s just me stuck in my ways :wink: