[No] Old Tool Pages Disappeared?

I had three tools that I created on tools.renoise.com and I want to upload new 2.7-compatible versions, but it appears that there is only one left (Groove Tool). The other two (Iterative Quantize and Automation Cleaner) seem to have disappeared. Are they gone or just deactivated?

On this page:


There’s a dropdown filter for Renoise versions under “Compatibility”

Your old tools simply haven’t been updated for 2.7

You need to get the attention of the devs by waving really, really hard.

But his tools are not listed in the 2.6 section at all. That’s what the meant I think. Hope his tools will be updated to 2.7 soon, I use them :)

Thanks for the replies. I could really use one of these emoticons with a guy banging his head against a wall right now.

Wait, Tom is right, they don’t appear in that list either, nor are they listed under my account, so they HAVE disappeared.

Yeah, reading that first post again I guess I could have been clearer about that.

I’m pretty sure I did, but don’t worry about it, it’s not worth the trouble. I’ll just make new pages for them tomorrow. Thanks for looking.