No-one Likes Rapidshare

As its too hard to keep up payments to rapidshare (because im an unemployed loser), and no-one seems to like it anyway…ive signed up with was hard to find a site that would allow you upload .xrns files(i think the Renoise Team should start a storage system for registered users!!..but i suppose they have enough on their plate…turkey and shpuds and such :-))
Im reuploading stuff…heres the first……SlippyCurb.html
Hope it works.

Why don’t you go for services like SoundCloud?, it saves you and others a lot of unnecessary hassle…
Or you want to share the XRNS files as well?

Is it possible to save .xrns’s to soundcloud.Ive heard quite a bit about that site…Through Computer Music magazine and TuxRadar i think.
Plus im a snob and want everone to see my ultra hard work and steal all my samples. Or maybe even work together on songs. I like renoise’s song format. The ability to pull out instruments and device chains from other peoples work, to see how it is all done is a great way of learning.

Usually source modules can be uploaded to sites like ModArchive, however XRNS seems to be an outcast format on most module site since there is no mod-player that supports the format.

I know TraxInSpace does allow xrns to be uploaded though (after you have submitted an Mp3 of your song first)

I got 5 beta invites left for traxinspace.

You don’t need an invitation to TiS. And apparently the site won’t be around for much longer now.

Im gonna nosearound on TiS and see what its like… in the meantime heres upload 2……SlippyCurb.html

Yeah i noticed…
Hosting a streaming service is really very expensive…
In the past is was pure download only…

(companyShill) lets you host any kind of file you want. 2GB storage and 2GB transfer/month for free. (/companyShill)

A lot of free hosting sites exist (some exemples). It may be harder that radipshare&co to use them the fist time (filezilla is your friend). But it free and downloading is very simple.

Nice list of sites there…Thanks people :slight_smile: