No Preferences?

i just started to learn renoise. I have renoise 1.52 on my mac. But when i go to edit in the menubar, there isnt a button for the ‘preferences’. Can anyone help me out with that?

err… there should really be a menu item there…

you mean your edit menu does not appear like this one?

ERhm… Renoise 1.5 does not have a filemenu IT, 1.8 has.
The preferences in 1.5 can be found on the lower part which is named “Config”.
For the 1.5x manual go to

One the mac this is a bit different.
You access the preferences via the application menu on top of the screen. Click “Renoise”, then choose “Preferences” as it is in every app on OSX.

How about some screenshots then :D

Eh voila:

Mate, go to the download section and get version 1.8.0. It is released now, so even if you only have a demo of 1.5.2 you can get the latest renoise. It is MUCH better than 1.5.2