No Programchange When Loading A Midi Instrument?


I have a hardware synth (Access Virus) connected to Renoise via Midi.
I have created a bunch of Renoise Instruments which relate to the Programs/Patches in the synth.
My problem is that when I load such an instrument into Renoise, the synth keeps on playing its old program.
It seems like no “Program Change” midi command is being sent to the synth when the instrument is loaded.

Is there anything I can do about?


When you reinsert an instrument from scratch, a default setting is picked. If you would save your instrument with a song, then the parameters should be reloaded and reconfigured. Is this simply a configuration in the midi out property panel?

Yes, I took an empty instrument slot, went to “Instrument settings/Ext. Midi”, set the device/channel/bank/program/mode, renamed the instrument from “MIDI: …” to the patch name and saved the instrument.
But when I load the instrument, the synth will not be configured unless I touch any of the settings.

Once the instrument is in song, everything works fine, when loading the whole song the synth gets configured correctly.

I was just wondering if I missed out something…

I feel that this should work though (at least if the midi device is matching an existing device), perhaps something that got overlooked.I’ll move this to help bugs and support, just in case…