No prompt to load autosaved file after crash on startup?

if I remember well, 3.2.2 asked me to load my crashed song i’ve been working when I started renoise again?

or am i completely wrong and maybe confused with an other daw?

Yup sometimes it works, but it’s not that much reliable…I prefer using automatic backup function.

My 2 cents :slight_smile:

I use that. Always have. But still there was a autoprompt after crash… maybe a bug?

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Have you checked to see if there is a crashbackup directory created (around the log/preferences folder)? If there is, maybe a song is in there.
(N.B. This is assuming that Renoise had a chance to create a crash backup song when it crashed.)

For @taktik information, anything in particular do you think that caused Renoise to crash?

Yes, when a crash backup was saved, Renoise will ask to load it. But we can’t guarantee that every possible crash generates a proper backup. For example, hard-ware errors or broken drives can prevent that.

As 4tey mentioned, the more interesting and important question is why Renoise crashed for you.

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“Renoise will ask to load it.”

nope, never… dont understand why?