No Send Channels When Importing Impulse Tracker Songs

Hi there!

I just opened an old song of mine (it is an impulse tracker song) in Renoise and noticed that there weren’t no Send channels - the usual S01 channel which is always by default in new songs was missing, and I can’t find a way of adding more send channels if there isn’t at least one send channels.

I tried this both with renoise 1.9 and 2.0 beta and got the same results.

It’s not like this is very urgent but it would be cool to be able to use an impulse tracker song as a base for a new, modern version in renoise, if you know what I mean … :)

I haven’t tried with Fast tracker files, maybe it happens too. :rolleyes:

Just right click on the master track (either in the sequencer or in the mixer) and select ‘add track’. Voila, you have S01! :)


you’re right :)

let’s consider this as bogus bug then :D

it didn’t make sense to have additional channels which weren’t in the original song anyway, but I somehow expected the send channel to be there, just as the master is as well