No Shelter

Hi everyone, I just wanted to share my first completed piece made with 3.0. I have time off from work so that means a little more time for music! I’m still trying to get my head around the completely different layout but I’m loving the look of it.

I made this over a couple of days spending a few sporadic hours to get it completed. It’s made entirely with hand-drawn samples except for a tiny snippet of noise from a synthesized snare. It’s also 100% native Renoise DSPs, which means I can also share the source file (43kb)! :)
Get it here.

See further details on SoundCloud.


It’s a nice piece. Quiet, repetitive, but that makes it almost meditative which suits the subject matter. Well judged.

I also like how you used a timbral shift for song development, rather than a major harmonic or melodic development. It’s a good technique from the ambient side of the musical world.

Thanks for the kind words! Yeah, repetition can be a powerful musical device.

nice. I enjoyed that… I like the dark string part at the end… I like that sound…

Thanks for listening! :smiley: