No sound middle of playback and render

When I get to a specific part that triggers new VSTI / VST sound is completely gone. I have to quit and open track to get it back. If I save it with no sound and opens, it’s no sound at all.

I have had issues with OS X and consider now to do a reinstall to see if it will fix my issues. Unless someone have a pro tip?

Here’s a render to show what happens at 1:16 -

a specific part that triggers new VSTI / VST

Sounds like you figured out the likely cause of the problem.

But, what plugin are we talking about?

Does it work in other songs you made in Renoise, or in any other DAWs, hosts?

Yes, getting closer now. Figured out it was a Serum sample. The song plays on when I turned off that track.

Yes, that synth and preset works elsewhere.