No Vst Input? (Piz Midi Swing)


Tried to send vst output to a instrument ( piz midi swing) but there is no change even on swing values up to 1/16 300 %.
Bug or do I not understand something about vst input?

What did you tried exactly? did you used a virtual midi cable or what?

I have put a hihat sample every line in lpb 4 in track 1 to test vst input.
Inserted " piz midi swing " on track 1 and have assigned in instrument settings > plugin > instrument >vst fx alias “piz midi swing track 01”

Aha okay.
I’ve been looking up these plugins and i now see what they are. These plugins need a kind of midi out routing capability Renoise does not support, unfortunately 2.7 doesn’t support this either.
If you read the PDF file that comes with these plugins, you can also read that Renoise is mentioned underneath the list of non-supporting hosts.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
I’ll keep this suggestion open though, but i guess this one will end up n the generic ideas and suggestions for one of the next versions.

Too bad, hoped that the vst input would mean I could use this kind of vst routings in 2.7.

From the release notes
" * MIDI Input can now be routed to individual instruments and tracks "

What can I do then with the renoise vst input (I do not understand , not trying to be rude or something)
I can’t find it in the release notes .

Wait that is something I can do with reaper or something don’t I?
When sequencing with reaper I can trigger individual instruments per midi channel.
Is that it ?

You can control individual instruments with dedicated midi controllers now, this include virtual midi cables so if you can output these plugins responses to a virtual midicable, you can send the output to a specific plugin-instrument in Renoise that responds to these signals, yes.
The ReWire part also hasn’t been updated yet that midi connections would be offered to the ReWire Master, that would have been a bonus for this release and would make this kind of midi controlling a fair bit workable than using a virtual midi cable.

The individual instrument control is also explained here in the chaining tutorial:…h?v=m1KaHqECdIo

I suggest loading energyxt or another vst host that can be loaded as a vst and do the routing from there. I asked about the same thing for modplug tracker and using an external vst host was the best answer and I think it also applies here.

This still wouldn’t work for internal sample based instruments, only for MIDI VST into VSTi
I think the OP wanted to use it with internal instruments

Controlling internal instruments with MIDI controls is also still on the todo list.

that is correct

Vv , great to hear!

PIZ plugins are THE most useful midi plugins ever. If a pattern could be processed through midi2qwerty for instance, a pattern could in theory enable record and write other patterns…depending on the hierarchy of key commands within renoise.

That’s not so useful. But self generating data as a result of one unrelated plugin is cool.
I use them to give myself more controller time, less mouse click time in other programs. They also work great in Bidule as far as linking and rerouting data:)