No way to jump to next slice marker?

I know there are some old topics on this but I just want to make sure: There’s still no way to jump from one slice marker to the next?

This would be really helpful since Renoise and REDUX are (somewhat inexplicably) still very bad at setting markers by themselves. Zooming in and out and scrolling through a loop manually is extremely tedious and clicking on the sample on the sidebar brings up the isolated sample with the slice marker on the left screen margin, so it offers no way to adjust the slice marker backwards in the timeline.

If I could jump from one slice marker to the next, showing it centered on the screen that would shave literally 80% off my slicing time. Am I missing something of is there really no way to do this?


Yeah, just tried this, I think I get what you’re saying. First, I unchecked the box in the sample editor that causes the focus to jump to individual samples when you play a sliced note. This is useful, b/c it allows you to keep focus on the main sample when you are jumping around slices - but it doesn’t actual change the focus of the slice to make it in the center of the screen.

But, maybe the combination of that plus the following might get you where you need to go. When you use the mouse scroll wheel to zoom in/out, the focus of the zoom/center of the zoom is wherever you place the cursor. You could use that to get in closer to whatever marker you’re trying to slice, and then use your keyboard/midi keyboard to play the note to make sure your slice sounds the way you want. Because you’ve unchecked that box, the focus won’t shift from the main sample, so you won’t “lose” your place when you’re adjusting.

(Apologies if this is something you’ve already tried/know)



yeah, @t35513r has the right idea, afaik. using the mouse scroll wheel is the fastest, most efficient method I know of to get slices trimmed properly

Thanks, yeah that’s kind of my workflow now, but scrolling in and out is super tedious when you have more than two or three slices.

It’s so clunky I couldn’t believe I wasn’t doing something wrong seeing as it’s a central part of slicing and every tutorial starts with “don’t rely of auto-slice, it doesn’t work well enough” (which I can confirm). Ah well. I’ll make a feature request then…

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if you have regular, rhythmic samples to slice, try the chop sample tool. it can save a lot of time. works great for resampled material, too

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