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Hehe… one of the funniest things was that he got so many angry reactions on it that he had to write a follow-up saying he was merely joking. :D I bet the guys who felt hit by his article are those stereotypes he’s writing about :)

yep - definately.

its a fact! :D

Well, maybe you just outworsed him with that comment and he probably was very jealous because of that… :P :lol:

I’m about 99% agree with the guy who wrote that.

The 1% is mainly due to two factors:
1] actually there are people who think DJ’s are cool (or at least think that because of suggestion, but what’s the difference, in the end?)
2] there are (I think :rolleyes:) DJ’s who don’t think they are God, though it’s somehow in the style of DJ’s to be “cool” and let us feel the “energy” and stuff like this

what I really hate of DJ’s is when they use words like “play” instead of “I let some vinyl rotate on a turntable, while a stylus scratches it and produces sounds, which most of times has not been created by me”.

While in english the word “play” is used in a lot of different meanings, amongst them there is actually the action which I’ve describe above, in italian they use the verbal form “io suono”, which strictly means “I play” in the sense of “I play a guitar”.

Damn, I really hate that! :angry: Even more than all that “my new work has just been released and I’m heading to future works”, as if they really consider that cut&paste stuff a “work”, and as if they aren’t aware of the fact that, the next week, no one will care a %$#£ of their “new work”, which in the meantime has become old.

But still, this is what millions of people consider “music”, so I respect it, and keep my path.

Then there are those who consider themself better than others just because they make overly complicated “music” that noone understands :D :lol:

Sorry… just had to say that… No offence, I’m just kidding :) But seriously, you have a funny way to respecting stuff, if by that you mean writing a long text of how much you hate it. :huh: And saying DJ’ing isn’t “work” is stupid imho. If someone puts much time and energy into cut&pasting to create perfect transitions and a certain mood over time etc, what is it then?


It’s nice that a DJ arranges the music and it’s work, but i don’t consider a DJ the master of groove or dance-floor controller.

There are DJ’s that consider themselves musicians but if i hear opinions about various DJ’s that also compose themselves…: “I find his mixing stuff ultracool but his own music is utterly crap imho” (Yeah, this one was for DJ Tiësto)

A DJ should just twist the turntables and mix the music and if possible add some live nuances to currently playing music, but if possible… they rather should not create their own music if they don’t have that talent, because mixing a few songs is not the same as composing a few. (some consider otherwise)

well, I find that to say “I hate this because…” is respectful… should “pay respect” mean just saying “oh DJ’s are cool! Yes!” or just be silent? I don’t think so.

of course you are right about this, but also read the whole phrase: what pisses me off is the “use once and throw away” philosophy which is behind this work.

Personally, I apreciate the most that songs which can touch my heart and keep touching it for years while, on the opposite side, the newest is the coolest.

May 1st: “Wow DJ Someone, your new song is great! You’re my new hero!”
May 8th: “Wow DJ Somelse, your new song is great! You’re my God!”
May 15th: “Wow DJ Otherone, your new song is great! You’re my love!”

Other than this, another thing which disturbs me is the subtle supspect that, whatever would be the music played into discoteques, 90% of the people would just go there and dance, which in my opinion lowers the value of DJ’s work a lot.

Well… every music has its target audience… even unbearably complex music ;)

hm? What the heck is going on in this thread? Well - and we germans are always told to be without humor…


Uhmm… good point :) My most humble apologies for beeing boring

Let’s lighten up the mood with smileys…

I agree with many of his points, there are TOO many posers out there! Though, skilled dj’s have my respect. It’s not their fault many in the audience can’t differ between the presenter and the artist who actually MADE the tune they enjoy so vividly!

Pretty much like kids saying how awesome Britney Spears’ latest tune is, thinking she not only performed, but wrote and produced the song…

Ah, sweet naive life. :rolleyes:

I agree with Johan and escii… :P

As I am a deejay and I produce some music myself, I can totally agree with this blog. There are so much posers in the DJ-Scene but there are also some real artists on the turntables.

I remember I was listening to a Set by Bad Boy Bill and the mixing techniques this guy used made me totally freak out. He synched 4(!) records to create an astonishing remix of a track by Fatboy SLiM and this was amazing.

Once upon a time I was in Berlin and I made a deejay-battle with a guy who claims to be an excellent dj. The joke of this battle was, that he gave me records I never heard and I gave him records he never heard.

He blew everything…


DJ’s that blend and scratch in three 12 inch records while being handcuffed on the back is pretty admirable.
But wether this is DJ-art or just another flavor of BDSM, i can’t make the right choice between those two labels.

The only thing that gets me is when DJs refer to their mixing of other people’s stuff “their music”. If they call it “their mix” or “their remix”, then cool, but it’s not “their music”.

… but hey, the best thing in that blog is the DJ Groupie-Picture. I mean, that’s why I started deejaying. :D B) :yeah: :lol:

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LOL - Okay, that’s definetely true…