[nobug] EQ response graph's display can go up to +/-48dB


with b3, now the band gain is again limited like in 3.01, to 20dB, but the scaling still allows to be set to 48dB… This scale now is completely useless.

In b2, you could set the band up to 48dB.

So wouldn’t be a proper fix like allowing the band to be set to 48dB, for graph and sliders?

If the reason is because of the need of translation for pre 3.1 -> 3.1 song loading, I would prefer the variant of b2…

The EQ’s gain range is fixed to +/-20 dB and should never exceed this range. The ability to set the gain above 20dB was a bug and is now fixed. Changing the range to +/-48 dB instead would break backwards compatibility with old songs and instruments.

The options in the graph are just for visualization purposes, and should not affect the applied range in any way. If that’s confusing I’ll remove the scaling options there to make that more clear.

If your eq filters are stable for this action, options for 48db gain range (or even more…) could be of some use for some people. I have already stacked 2-4 eqs with identical or sensibly tuned settings for certain effects, to allow for stronger filtering. I could save some stacking with more gain range.

If just for the visual, then please leave the 48 db option anyways. For extreme settings, I found it a bit annoying to have the graph outside the visual range, when 2 peaks/notches are amplifying each other, for example. But then again - this also is only of use for unusual effects (i.e. abusing the plugin) rather than for normal equalising, I guess…