[nobug] Filter device freq is not sample rate independent?

The filter device will cutoff the more the higher the sample rate is set. If you moog-lowpass-filter a snare and compare at 48kHz and 96kHz, the higher one will sound thump.

? Ok, so I didn’t get something? Is this normal or what. Or a known limitation? I never changed the rate to 96khz, worked almost always at 48khz, sometimes at 44,1khz, where the change is not so obvious since the limitation of high frequencies at 44,1khz vs 48khz will compensate the higher cutoff frequencies… Was that the purpose?

Do you have the same phenomenon? Should I post an example?

Should I post an example?

Please do.

Post the .XRNS file, and please also include 48kHz and 96kHz renders from your point of view, so we can hear exactly what you are hearing.

I’ve just quickly tested it here with a Moog lowpass, cutoff set to around 2kHz, resonance tested at both 0% and 50%, rendering at 48kHz and 96kHz, tested with both white noise and a typical snare sample, tested using both the Track DSP filter device and also the instrument modulation filter. Couldn’t see or hear any major differences in the sound, but your post was quite vague, so I could be doing something completely different to you?

I am sorry. Actually it’s my own old plugin “elite reducer2” that is sample rate dependent! :blush: :blink: Completely overseen this in the bus. Damn I need to fix it, lots of song are dependent on it here. What a crap. Thread can be safely deleted :badteeth: