[nobug] Master Meters Clip

Not sure this one belongs to the bugs section, it might be I am missing something in the settings.

Shortly, I suddenly noticed clipping happening on some of my tracks where clipping should not happen: after a limiter.

4453 Clipboard Image.png

It is not limited only to the stock maximizer, it seems to happens to other limiters too. I remembered that someone had a similar issue when the DC filter option was enabled, but that should not be an issue here.

Any ideas?

Another question, how do you adjust track headroom now? It used to be in the song settings tab.

I think track headroom is now under general preferences

Can’t find it there.

Main Menu > Options > Playback & Compatibility Options

4456 renoise-playback-options.png

[quote=“dblue, post:4, topic:40147”]
Main Menu > Options > Playback & Compatibility Options

4456 renoise-playback-options.png

Found it, thanks dblue.

Try lowering the Ceiling a bit on the Maximizer. If you find that it’s overshooting when set to 0dB, then try lowering it to -0.5dB or even -1.0dB.

You can also try to bring your Threshold down a little bit, and perhaps go for a little less Boost for a lighter touch.

I think tweaking the Ceiling should mostly take care of it, though.

I have been doing that, but apparently, I have just found out a second ago what has been going on (after a couple days of hassle):

One of my send tracks was sending to Front L/R rather than to the Master. Its volume was real low, so it did not destroy the picture completely, but was only slightly messing it up driving me crazy. I am not sure why it was setup that way, I think I was probably messing with external outputs on the sound card at the time.

Anyway, it is not something that is wrong with Renoise:)