[nobug] reaper plugs ---> update delay tap gui

The reaper plugins are freely downloadable as vst effects ;

One of the plugs is a delay where we can add multiple delay taps/lines , problem is that renoise generic gui does not update these new added delay lines .ad thus are not automatible …

It stays fixed at 1 tap

you can get the pack here .

Also the resolution of the delay time ( musical length on gui ) while holding control is not high res enough .when edited from renoise gui .


It seems that the plugin is not sending it’s update status ( added delay taps ) to the host , so it’s not renoise specific .

However , fine resolution ajustment is renoise specific .

Is it bridged? If you change the value twice, will you see then the value from before?

YOu mean can change the delay time for the added taps from the renoise fx gui ?

I for sure can’t , the renoise fx gui isn’t updated .

-No not bridged , 32 bit plugs / 32 bit renoise


I experienced a bug with vst guis though the renoise bridge: the guis are not updated properly, so if you move a knob on the vsti gui using the mouse, the gfx wont be updated, but if you then click/move a seoncd time, the knob is now updated to the position it should have been after the first mouse usage.

I thought you could describe the same problem. But since it is not bridged, never mind :slight_smile:

renoise generic gui does not update these new added delay lines

The VST SDK provides no official method for handling parameters being added or removed on the fly. There’s no opcode event or notifier that the host can respond to.

As such, I believe most hosts simply assume that the parameter structure must remain fixed, and so the parameter count is only queried once when the plugin is loaded/initialised.

This is the case with Renoise: We assume that the parameter count remains fixed at all times, and do not attempt to query or respond to any changes that may occur during run time.

The dynamic parameter changes work in Reaper because both Reaper and their ReaPlugs have implemented some custom VST extensions to hack around these limitations in the official VST SDK.

It’s certainly a nice quality of life thing, but I would not expect this to work anywhere outside of Reaper itself.

Just got an aswer reaper developer

See here .


If the renoise developers wish, they can support our VST2 extensions for changing parameter counts, viahttp://www.reaper.fm/sdk/vst/vst_ext.php(see audioMasterVendorSpecific(0xdeadbeef, audioMasterAutomate, listadjptr, 0.0))

end quote


So this means that reaktor as a vst is also reporting it’s update status to the host , andrenoise accepts these .

I am building stuff all the time which involves deleting /adding automatable parameters , as long as these parameters have an i.d. there ,is no limit on the amount of parameters used … .

Anyway , thanks for the info