Noir Sad Orchestral theme

Hello ! I have composed a small theme inspired by various chord progressions in a dark and jazzy key. The problem we have when we compose something is that hearing them hardens our ears and we end up getting used to them and we find no faults in them. And that is something painful. I would like you to comment on everything that you find bad or good on this simple topic. I have used as few instruments as possible, I know you can decorate with more horns and add percussion effects, but the strings eat up almost all the space! Comment thanks !!

Ear it using headphones due bass notes.!


A very sensitive piece.It felt like one of those old romance movies kind of sad but with a sense of hope for the love that was lost but could return again.Yes for sure a romantic track and the mix is good too.

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reminds me of a studio ghibli film. that’s a good thing :slight_smile:

Really nice the way the song breathes, perhaps excellent for dinner music.