Noise Porrdige

Nost sure about the genre. Let’s just call it dance or house or something. I’m getting too old to keep up. Anyway, this one’s meant to be noisy and aggressive, though it’s not exactly breakcore/gabba/death metal.

EDIT: weird stuff happended when I re-uploaded the song due to a mistake. It’s ok now, though.

After a mere several days I’ve realized there’s a spelling mistake in the thread title.

Oh, well.

It’ supposed to be “Porridge,” not “Porrdige,” although it could have been “Poor dirge”.

nice tune :) but do I have to rip it for my mp3 player ? :unsure:

You are 2 days younger than me :)

But, I definitely understand how you feel…

Thats definitively “progressive dubstep metal house”! Or something like that :blink:
It wasn’t very noisy to me, but it’s a nice dance tune and I like your sounds!

So, what genre is it? :)

well it’s definitely house music (judging by the beat) but i think that the use of short sample bits combined with aggressive lofi synths that sometimes play in this kind of staccato manner (like at 3:25) is its own subgenre but i can’t find the name right now. i think it borrows from microhouse (use of short glitchy vocal and instrument samples) and tech house (heavy kick and synths influenced by techno).
it’s something Justice would do but there are probably much better examples. Birdy Nam Nam’s “The Parachute Ending” would fall into this category.

daft punk-ish club intermission disco dance trance?

just call it awesomestyle! it shure is entertaining, good job.

I can’t call it awesomestyle. People would not think well of me. But thanks :)

not bad, not good