noisetrekker ntk conversion to rns

Hi all,

After about 10 years without working actively on music, I’ve finally decided to work this again.

I was used to work with Noisetrekker in the past, and have still all my old work in progress songs in the ntk format.
I’ve found some posts on other forums where the following procedure is considered as the right one to achieve the convertion…

  • install noisetrekker 3.2 and re-save the files (I presume it’s not possible to save in another file format than ntk): that’s what I did. To be sure that the software saves them really in a new file, I even tried to save with a new name.
  • import the file in Renoise 1.1.1 (I found and installed this old version thanks to the download section of the website, download section, archived renoise demos)
  • unfortunately, renoise 1.1.1 still says that my ntk files cannot be imported, with the following message :
    “Sorry old beta mods are no longer supported. Use Ntk 3.2 to convert (load and save) them into a mew Format” (mew is probably for ‘new’…)

I would really appreciate to have a feedback to let me convert my songs to this wonderful last renoise version ;)/>

Thank you all, continue the good job ! :w00t:/>


I finally got the solution !
After some hours searching for a solution, I had the idea to check if noisetrekker 3.2 was really the last version of noisetrekker. In fact, another version was released, the 3.22.

it was quite hard to find a working link to noisetrekker 3.22, but I finally found it on a russian website, sorry I missed the link…

Well, good news, there’s a document related to the ntk to renoise conversion in the root of the archive !

Contrary to the error message displayed in renoise 1.11, the re-save of ntk files must be done with noisetrekker 3.22, not noisetrekker 3.2 !
After this, renoise 1.11 is able to open the ntk file, and it’s possible to save it to the rns format… compatible with the last version of renoise :)/>/>

Anyway, I was using some instruments generated directly with noisetrekker (not samples) in some old tracks, notes are still here, but the instrument disappeared, which makes sense considering that those features were removed. But I’ll find some ways to give them back life :)/>/>

@Renoise guys: it would be fine to keep a download link to noisetrekker 3.22 in the renoise download section, with a kind of how to convert old ntk files.

Hope that my story could help any. I’ve downloaded the ntk 3.22 archive, I can share it if necessary.

Sounds like a good idea.
You could contact the devs through support @ renoise dot com about it, i thought to remember the oldest version they still had in their archives was Renoise 1.1.1
Sharing 3.22 would at least resolve issues for folks having older NTK files.

Finally found back the russian website, and in fact the link is pointing on : (windows version, still working with win7 64)

I will email to support @ renoise dot com as suggested :)/>