Noisetrekkr 3 + Vista = Nogo

Hey, I have a copy of NoiseTrekkr 3 and the only computer I have available right now is running Vista. When I launch it, it doesn’t matter what compatibility mode I run it in, I get a black screen with the mouse cursor and then shortly after, I get kicked back out to the desktop.

Anyone got any clues to how to get this up and running? I’ve never seen it and am kind of interested in how it compares to ProTrekkr’s offshoot of the original NoiseTrekkr sources…plus, I get to see an infant ReNoise in the process. :)

Thanks for any help.

Please do not post anything required to be downloaded if it’s necessary as I am in a place where I cannot use thumbdrives to move data from the internet enabled computers to my own personal computer.

You could try running it “as administrator” or going into the exe’s prefs and changing the compatabilty mode , this normally works for older progs .

Okay, I got an error message finally…

“Error, cannot render bitmapsurface. Please report this bug.”

Any ideas?

There are also some advanced options that you can set in compatability mode. I don’t exactly know if Vista has the same or similar options and if they are obvious togglable but one of the options that i can find in XP (which in a lot of cases causes problems for some programs) you can try to toggle is “Turn off advanced text services for this program” and “Disable visual themes”