Noisy Glitchy Hiphopish Fun Track

The first song made in my new apartment studio, the first of the new year, and first with 2.8 beta 32.

Cool, I like the groove you’ve got going on. It’s not really what I expected from your description (not that glitchy) but it’s a good chillout kind of track. My only complaint is that the drums get buried under the other sounds in the end section, which is good at first, but I was longing for them to suddenly come back stronger over the guitar.

Thank you for listening and the feedback agargara. Hmm yeah now that you mention it it does seem to get buried in the end. I totally didn’t notice when I started recording the layers of guitar :o

Haha Mellotron abuse FTW! :P

Nice shoegaze vibe :guitar:

You caught me red handed! I made started making this the night we were talking about mellotrons in #renoise :D thanks for listening!

Thank you for noticing as shoegaze continues to influence me, though I have to be careful as I often over do it and muck up stereo fields :confused:

I adore this song! I do agree that the description is a bit misleading. Where can I listen to your other work? Do you ever perform live?

Oh my. you used the A word, I’m flattered and Thank you for listening! and thank you for giving me the opportunity to shamelessly self-promote me, I usually post my tracks on and have a couple of tracks on and then there is my new international smash hit single

I played live a few months ago for the first time in ages. I rarely play live. But I would be ready in a moments notice if anyone asked me to.