Noisy, vaporwave-y, "Unreal Homemade"

(orrigans) #1

Here’s my latest album, “Unreal Homemade”:

I wanted to make rhythmic ambient music, using the same technique of layering loops of different lengths that I used on my last album, but I ended up with something a lot more noisy and bizarre than standard ambient music.

Thanks for listening!


Bela, Burn Ward and P-Ammonite are very nice! The tape saturation (or is it distortion?) blends all the elements together while the rhythm section stays strong enough to keep pulling the tracks forward.

(orrigans) #3


It’s a lot of Cab Sim and some saturation/distortion plugins working together.

(Sam) #4

Very accurate description and super cool stuff. Sounds really organic and analogue.

(orrigans) #5

I’m glad you like it, thanks for listening!