Noizzica 2184 - Minds Set For The Future (new single, retrowave)

Hi guys, just released another retro-synthwave single, made with Renoise. Hope you’ll like it!


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VSTs: Surge, Viking, Monique, Podolski, Zebralette.
Effects: mostly built-in Renoise (Chorus, Delay / Multitap Delay, mpReverb / Reverb, Gate, EQ, Digital Filter), with BPB Saturator, Dirty Filter, TAL-Chorus, Ozone Imager, Neutron 3 Elements.



Nice tune and nice mix. Unfortunately the synth starting from the beginning ruins the song in my opinion, because it messes up the whole composition and is just annoying like an alarm. When it stops at 2:18 it’s really reliefing, the song can finally breathe and immediately sounds twice as good at least. Unfortunately you bring it back at 2:58. I would consider to remove that synth completely.

Interesting opinion, thanks. :+1: For me that synth is like a thread to the whole tune, but understand the point.