Nokia Contest To Replace Iconic Ringtone

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I thought they wanted a new tune altogether but they just want a new variation of it.

$10k is a fucking rip for that, if they approached a musician he’d charge them millions.

Yeah man, fuck 10.000 dollars. I WANT MILLIONS IF YOU WANT ME TO ENTER! :lol:

Maybe, but amateur artists would never get that chance. Also this could get your name out there and maybe you could make a living out of making music eventually. Not a bad deal imo. :)

Yeah, I’d gladly accept $10k to be transfered to my bank-account for a couple of seconds of music. On the other hand, I wouldn’t say no to millions either…

We made one.
No Repair Nokia Tune feel free to vote a totally Renoise made ringtone on future models :)

ps. anyone know how to link directly to the entry to make it easier for people?
got it!

That was one of the better i heard. :)

10000 for 30 secs,

means :

333 for 1 second

and roll drum

80 for 0.25 second !

And then they’d promptly tell him to piss off and get real :)

They’re asking for someone to take thirteen notes and make an interesting variation on it, not compose the entire musical score to Star War or something like that.

However, considering that the ringtone “is heard worldwide an estimated 1.8 billion times per day, about 20,000 times per second”, I would definitely prefer a royalty deal instead :D

Hahaha check out what’s currently the best voted…

People are obviously getting into the spirit!! :D

Exactly, I guess I meant ‘would make millions’ rather than charge. It’s just a very horrible way of a corporation to rip off a musician in my eyes. I know no one who ever made there name through a competition really (although I’m sure there are a few). I’d find it much more likely that the winner will just turn into a bar bum who tells the story ‘how I wrote that jingle’ every time a punters phone rings.

Sorry, I don’t mean to piss on everyone’s chips. I just hate massive corporations especially those who do these ‘redesign our brand for peanuts so we don’t have to pay an actual company to do it’ scams.

Almost lets me think we took this to serious we will never get that kind of votes

…didn’t Eno do the windows 95 sounds and got royalties for every license? I need me a proper royalty deal yo.

Nebidaan won two of these AudioDraft contests already.

Renoise represent.

But if you win billions of people will hear your work repeatedly over and over again! And most people actually really like the nokia phrase.
Besides, $ 10.000 is 2-3 months salary for a professional, which is ample time for designing a 10-20 second sound.

Why do people always have to be so anti-*? T^T

Because massive companies couldn’t give an actual fuck about anything but a profit margin. It just drives me insane. I work in a company which is at the forefront of this kind of money-mongering bull shit, I sit through endless meetings and training sessions where we are taught about ‘financial compliance’ and the ‘budget worth’ of actual peoples lives and well being.

In all genuine honesty, no company of that size could pay me any amount to make even a single second clip for them. Even if they guaranteed to whisper my name into the ear of every new born baby on the planet for all of eternity. Some things are worth far more than money and recognition.

Ok then. Competition has ended and the winner… is… not entirely unexpected. Nokia has to cater to the crowd if it wants to stay afloat in the midst of all the smartphone flood. The winner is an annoying dubstep tune, not even the best in it’s class. Or maybe I’m a blind dubstep hater? Anyway, the thing’s over.

I would rather circumcise myself with a rusty nail than be this much of a sellout cunt.