Nomiloth - Providence (#Doom)

Hi there,

my new album “Providence” by Nomiloth has been released. The style is melodic/epic doom metal with clean vocals. I used Renoise for all composition, arranging, drums, synths and soundscapes, the mixing and mastering was done in Ardour.

A playlist with the album is here:

If you’re in a hurry there’s a teaser condensing the ~55 minutes of the album to 2:

Available on most streaming and download platforms as well as Bandcamp:

Kudos to Renoise, I love it’s workflow and that’s available on Linux, there is nothing quite like it :slight_smile:

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impressive work my friend.This has got to be the most pro sounding music i’ve ever heard made in Renoise.Terrific in all aspects

That is high praise, my friend. Thank you very much. And yes, I’m currently grinning like a Honigkuchenpferd. :smiley:

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