Non destructive sample editing

(toimp) #1

I think this is pretty powerful in FL and would be awesome when Renoise would have something similar (time stretching, pitch shifting,…):

(TheBellows) #2

Renoise is all about samples, so i think adding more features for sample manipulation is the way to go. Looks nice that example there, i really miss having similar stuff in Renoise.

(trueschool) #3

You can do nearly all of that in the sample editor already…:face_with_raised_eyebrow:

(toimp) #4

The key is “Non destructive”. You cant revert fading, trim and so on, without loading the original sample back again, when its not in the undo history anymore. What about recorded samples from mic or resampling? I think this kind of sample editing is more powerful. Its also much quicker, when you just want to change the fading, for example. Just turn the rotary abit, done. No envelopes need to be set. There also some neat options in the “Precomputed effects” part there and this kind of approach would be a good base for finally time stretching and pitch shifting in Renoise. You can change a sample dramatically and you can always go back to the original one. As @TheBellows mentioned, in Renoise its all about samples. I would love to see something like this in future :slight_smile:

(muckleby) #5

this direction would really suit me. non destructive loop crossfading is something id use on everything (though FLs one knob for loops is a bit unrefined, abletons Sampler is much more useful)