Non-linear and/or custom curve midi-control possible?

I want to be able to make non linear curves to control volume of channels in renoise. The purpose is to control 3 different channel volumes with one midi-fader. The curves for the different channels should look something like this:

CH1: ¯¯¯¯¯¯_
CH2: /¯¯¯¯

This way all the channels are heard with the fader in the middle position, channel 1 with the fader in the bottom position and channel 3 with the fader in top position. I want the transitions to be almost instant to be able to create rythmic cut-in and cut-out effects.

Is this possible to achive in some way?

Maybe you can draw the shapes in the custom edit window of lfo devices?

Wouldnt a lfo keep moving through the waveform when i stop moving the fader?

It seems for it to be able to work i would have to be able to set lfo-speed to 0 and midi map the position of the lfo to the fader.

I don’t know about all of that :) , but there is a ‘one shot’ option in the lfo that could help?


how about using a hydra and using the different scaling options?

Slowest speed possible (60000000 LPC), One Shot Custom mode, set the Hydra to control Reset parameter of each LFO.

Actually doesn’t really have to be One Shot ;)

That did the trick! Thanks a bunch!