non linear waveshaper

it would be great to have a better distortion in renoise

using tan (x) for nonlinearity

having multiple waveshape for sound design

I’d also like to see upgrades on the distortion module

“using tan (x)…” -> current “soft” mode should be a tan shaper?

“for nonlinearity” -> wat?

“it would be great to have a better distortion in renoise” -> yes!

“having multiple waveshape for sound design” -> exactly, I would recommend trying to add the following features:

  • parabolic mode

  • “soft” rectifier mode (hint, it got to do with parabolic curve behaviour around 0, or even better around the extrema of a sine wave)

  • switching between rectify/normal in any mode (ok, you can just place a rectifier without dc correction before another device)

  • independent positive/negative shaping curves?

  • adjustable dc offset that can be automated and/or removed in the output, that won’t click after being idle for some time like the current dc device

  • proper saturation modes, and if it is just the same formula used on the master bus

  • maybe even graph mode, like you can design your own shaper curves just like you can do in the lfo device

  • this would be very cool!

+1 for a native waveshaper device in Renoise. +2 for a graph mode.

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Been asking this for years , a formala device that calculates per sample .

This way you can create almost all kind off waveshaping .

Something like this but native renoise FuncShaper.png

from 08:20 onwards

this the one bread & butter tool i have to use a plugin for, soft clipping is a really useful tool

its my preferred way to tame dynamics and add harmonics to sub bass but the current distortion effect is wayyyy too high gain to use like this.