Non-Moving Pattern While Playing

A switch would be nice where I can stop the pattern from moving during hearing. For one, it’s annoying for the eyes after a while. Also, sometimes I want to edit a spot more and focus on that - a lot easier with a steady spot.

Also, there seems to be no way of editing a line from left to right like in a text editor. It’s nice to have the step length feature, and that it allows to stay in one line without always skipping to the next. But when it’s on 0, isn’t it a bit harsh to cut off left-right movement too? can’t hurt from my point of view.

ataki you can also keybind it to something. i’ve been experimenting with binding the follow-pattern toggle to f1, but have resorted to having follow-pattern toggle as esc.

that’s pretty much what i was looking for, thanks. too impatient. gonna check out the keybinding if it starts to bother me… :)