Non-Self-Contained Xrns?

Hi there,

is there any way to save a song WITHOUT the samples packed with it, but only with references to them (like in other DAWs)?
And if not, shouldn’t it be at least an option? While I like the option to have everything included, it is sometimes quite redundant.


Not yet possible, but it would be nice if it was. It’s definitely been discussed by various other people in the past.

I don’t like the idea though… Changing a sample, and thereby changing multiple songs (this could lead to fatal mistakes!), which in my case will happen eventually.
In the old cakewalk I always forgot to backup the ‘wavedata’ directory, and therefore lost a lot of songs.
Buy a $99 harddisk with 1Tbyte. Tadaah! :)

Renoise could make a directory for each XRNS, where it stores all the data, kinda like Ableton does, I think.

Ableton Live saves an extra file at the same location as an imported file…
No idea who came up with such an idea…but he/she must be a total idiot.

No, I’m VERY glad it does that! It allows for Ableton’s flexibility with (re)sampling! It’s not idiotic, it’s your lack of Gb’s ;)

The idea is that it would be optional, so if you don’t like it then simply don’t enable the feature.

I think no one would force you to use this feature.


Oh no, it’s really not that… I would rather see all these files saved in one chosen folder and not spread all over my maps like crazy. ;)

I see your point, but in my imagination it’s like this:

  • Renoise makes a “projects” folder when first installed
  • Each new xrns saved gets a folder in “projects”
  • Each project-folder gets updated with samples whenever you save the xrns

But as there is no “freeze track” option or something along that line, yeah… this folder-idea has no point…