Noob Question Concerning Fx Codes

I’m just discovering how to incorporate fx and I’m having a lot of fun messing around with the sample offset command…my question is: Is there any way to enter codes all at once, or do you HAVE to move the selector around? for example do i have to hit “9-right arrow-4-right arrow-0” to enter “0940” or is there a setting so i can enter “940” and be done with it?

The short answer:Unfortunately yes

The long answer:
The command top-down entering method is one of the ancient workflow methods in tracking history.
In the past you needed a lot of the same command in the effect column and with the “remember last value” trick you could quickly enter a column of the same command in the effect column and then enter the value at the top of it once. For that reason the cursor steps down a line instead of going to the right.

When using 9xx commands this method does not work quite sufficient.
If i have to use them there is always the first set that you indeed manually have to insert value by value.

Once you have all those offset values for a particular sample/instrument, you could duplicate the values by selecting one or more values and copy them to (one of the four) the clipboard(s), then later paste them back. I usually create small templates from selections and copy them to different areas in the track of the current pattern or other patterns

I would recommend you to have a look at the Advanced Edit section of the manual, regarding the selection and the content mask where you can check specific areas to copy along or leave out of the clipboard content when copying / pasting.

Actually it is missing feature IMO. When I was just discovering renoise I found that SHIFT-Notes was nice adding chords So then I thought doing SHIFT 940 would do something similar in effect column. Unfortunately it didn’t.

Shift + input adding whole column would definitely make sense.

There are lots of things that relate to the old tracking techniques that could either use improvement or one could actually try to figure out dressing him/herself a quick workflow habit.
In one way these are the things that ensure Taktik of being kept occupied by developing Renoise but on the other hand i favor any newcomer to learn by practicing and get to know at least a little bit of tracking history.

If you know how to get this workflow you hardly have troubles stepping over to different trackers (if you need to compose for consoles or handhelds that don’t have a lot of CPU power).
If you are being tugged into fancy features that only Renoise offers this switching to another tracker part becomes a bit problematic.
Not that the Renoise team would mind as customer binding is an everlasting goal, but learning something about the tracking- and demoscene culture is something you get for free this way.

Learn by practicing = Yes
Know tracking history = No

Why should tracking history dictate the workflow? It’s where we came from, not where we’re heading.


Just to please me, that was just a personal thought ;)

Ah, alright then. BTW I just played with Noisetrekker :wink:

After working with this for a couple hours I’m getting used to it- I can still do shit fast with editstep on 0. Thanks for the replies and hopefully one day we’ll see this feature added :D

I gotta take this opportunity to say I’m really loving this program…This kind of control is what I’ve been looking for in software for a while now-everything’s straight to the point, right in front of your eyes and no BS in the way. I’m addicted to it after just DLing it a couple days ago. I can’t wait for pay day so I can buy the full version