Noob question, how do you get a vocal file to display like this

I have an audio file and I am trying to get it to display like the tattoo below. I can’t seem to figure it out. I have the file loaded as a sample and can get it to visualize in multiple ways, but not like this.

Thanks for reading.

You can only view a waveform in the sample editor. If you are asking to see it in the arranger view, well I’m afraid that you can’t do that.

Sorry, Renoise does not currently support exporting to feet.

The sample would have to be very short and/or low frequency for it to show up like that. If the sample you’re seeing looks like a mess of lines without zooming in (mouse wheel) then you’re simply not going to get a result like that tattoo without choosing a smaller selection.

If your sample is indeed inappropriate for that kind of rendition, then you could always do something more like this style: where the waves are sort of averaged out into a shape.

I heard v3.0 is coming so keep your hopes up! :w00t:/>

Thanks for the help everyone!