Noob retrigger questions

I’m trying to fade in a retriggered hi hat sound and I’ve run into a couple things I don’t understand about the retrigger function. First off, I want the sound to continue retriggering smoothly until the next note is played but the way I have it right now if I choose certain Y values for the Rxy command there’s an audible stutter between lines. E.g. if I use R07 instead of a smooth stream of 7-tick-long repeats, I get 7-tick-long repeats for one line, then a stutter, then 7-tick-long repeats for the next line and so on. I tried typing R07 for the first line and then R00 for the lines afterward because R00 is supposed to repeat the previous command but then it only retriggers for the first line and then there’s silence. I’m wondering if it has to do with the fact that I’m using a very short sound? I can understand that if the TPL is 12, seven doesn’t divide evenly into 12 so there would be inconsistencies between each retrigger beginning on each new line but is there another way to have retriggers of any length that just continue on until the next note regardless of retrigger-length/TPL?

Also, I want to smoothly volume fade in my smooth stream of x-tick-long retriggers. If I just interpolate between 00 and 7F in the volume column I get an audibly stepped fade in (as makes sense). I tried using the Ixx command on the same line as the note but whatever values I enter there’s no audible difference. I tried doing I01 followed by I00 thinking maybe it would repeat adding 1 to the volume each line but that didn’t do anything either. In fact, I can’t seem to get Ixx to work at all. I tried on a longer kick sound to put Ixx of various values on the same line as the note followed by I00 on subsequent lines and I can’t get it to fade in at all. Oxx works as I would expect so I’m not sure what I’m doing wrong / not understanding.

Thank you for your help

For the -Ixx command to work, you have to have a lower volume to begin with. Maybe you are trying to fade in while the volume is already at max?

Yes thanks!

Hmm… just tried it with volume set to zero and I still get no fade-in.

I’d consider doing this with phrases, as the volume changes in the retrigger command x column happen over such short time-scales as to be generally unnoticeable in my experience. Phrases are incredibly useful for polyrhythm and polymeter, just takes a little thought in their set up. For instance if you wanted 7 rhythmic divisions per line, you would set your phrase pattern length to 7 * your module’s LPB value, then set the phrase LPB to that same number, programming in each note event and any volume fade, etc. Take care that your hex/dec conversion is accurate :slight_smile:

see here, if unclear:
7 TPL phrase.xrns (35.9 KB)

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Really cool idea. I haven’t gotten into the phrase editor yet (total noob), but that’s a great idea. Do you have any ideas for the fade in though, divisions aside? The only solution I’ve been able to think of is to graphically automate the track volume but that seems so clunky.

Not behind renoise right now, but I think there also is a difference in sound between having the retrigger in the volume or panning column instead of the normal placement in a note-event.

Besides creating more versatile custom retriggers in the phrase editor, you could also try rendering your cuurent retriggers to sample, rendering a selection in the pattern editor. This opens up sound editing possibilities in the sample editor, for example looping, applying fade in & outs to the sample and/or adding effects. Sky’s da limit :smile:

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I just programmed them in the phrase using velocity values