[Noob Song]

This isn’t really a full song at all. I just want some tips or some guidance points to what I might want to do to make my songs better or some handy tips for this kinda music. Up until now I’ve been pretty much messing around in FL Studio so tell me what you think of this.

first of all, i have to admit that i’m not really into that dnb stuff (i prefer 4/4 rhythms, maybe 'cause i’m somehow stuck in the 90ies ;) but that’s another story…).
but that song is great, especially for a “noob song” as you called it. it sounds great (overall mixing,stereo field, stuff like that) it could use more bass, but that may also depend on the player, i guess…
though it’s not my musical taste, i think you already know “how to use renoise”, if you know what i mean - no need for tips, i would say… :) absolutely great for a first try in renoise.