Noob Windows XP question

I’m using renoise and MIDI-OX (to send sysex) but some how i cant use them at the same time.

i get the warning message that my sound card is already in use by which ever program i started up first.

is there a setting some where in windows XP that i can set so i can run both softwares at the same time?


Have you configured MIDI OX to use the sound card? Can you disable that?

well both softwares would need to use the soundcard because the soundcard also takes care of the MIDI IN/OUT, right?

Why are you using MIDI OX? My understanding is that it works as a virtual MIDIdeviceand allows for routing of MIDI signals. It’s software MIDI.

If you have hardware MIDI devices, is there a reason you need MIDI OX to see them?

I’ve not used MIDI OX. I’ve used LoopBe, which I think is similar. I bought it so that I can have software send MIDIsignalsto Renoise (and vice versa). But LoopBe never needs to use the sound card because I don’t use it to interact with MIDI hardware.

i’m using midi ox to send patches to a hardware synth (through sysex)

Ah, well I’m out of ideas. And I no longer have an XP box to even try stuff on. Perhaps a USB MIDI box would free up the card.