Noobie VST Automation Question?


I recently got the urge to get back into some form of music creation and creativity. I’m new to Renoise but enjoyed OctaMED on the Amiga, as a kid, and messed around with OpenMPT (?) some time around 2002. The tracker format is familiar to me, but the VST amalgamation gave me a bit of a thrashing, to begin with. I’m currently wrangling my way and have come across a problem in Renoise that I don’t know how to solve… if it indeed can be solved.

I’m messing around with a VST plugin called SubDuer, by Majken Hoglund. I’ve tweaked a bassline to where I like, but I require automation of a filter knob. The problem is, when I add “Instr. Automation” the filter I want to control doesn’t show up. I’ve clicked the little arrow to expand the options all the way to the end, but no luck finding the one thing I want to control. At this point in my understanding of Renoise and VST’s, I think the obstacle could be anything. I’m trying to understand further on my own, but I feel like half a day fiddling might have been a waste if the answer is simple.

I could record every little “wark” that I require, cut them up and drop them in as samples, but that seems to defeat the purpose and would end up in a massive .wav list. I do feel I’m missing some simple information, so here I am.

Any thoughts or suggestions would be very appreciated.


Maybe this tool can help you?

Each of the parameters shown in the Instrument Automation device is actually a drop down menu. If you click on one then a list of all available parameters will open up, allowing you to select and use the VST’s three Filter options.

Use this tool:

Invoke the tool’s shortcut for “setup automation device”. Now move the wanted control in the VST’s GUI. It will auto-setup the automation device. If it doesn’t setup a control, the control is not automatable.

Zer0 Fly, ffx : Thanks for the suggestions. guys. Those tools look like they may come in very handy in the future.

Each of the parameters shown in the Instrument Automation device is actually a drop down menu.

I am shocked by my own stupidity. How did I even miss this? :smashed: Thanks, Achenar.

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