Nord Lead 2x phrase editor midi instrumentation /w midi bus overloadin

Been ‘coding’ against my Nord Lead 2x with the latest Renoise betas. Been a blast!

Basically I’d set up 4 midi instruments to the 4 channels of the Nord. Made an init pattern that reset every knob and slider to the basics. Then made a few instruments by copy pasting notes and midi commands into phrases that run at high speed to sort of synthesize each channel ‘the C64 way’. Lastly used some custom renoise LFO and automations on a midi cc device to make sweeps and stuff.

The midi bus was overloaded in the above track, so I cut out some instrumentation on some channels to prevent my Nord from going crazy.

Oh and the ending is just a quick Martin Galway sound alike test, since the sounds were there anyway :slight_smile:

Love the sound! Soooo retro…