Nord Modular Resets on Song Loading / Panic Problem

Ok here goes …
I am sequencing my nord moular ( fisrt generatin )-
Everything goes well ,midi automation etc…love it But here’s the problem, When I load an empty file …renoise doesn’t send any data midi anymore …I need to shut down renoise and restart it …
i have absolutely no problems with the modular …doesn’t happen in reaper etc …
This is extremely anoying
Hope you can sort it out
OK have abit more information …the thing is, renoise still sends midi info …( see activity meter on the modular ) so the modular receives midi …but no sound …this only happens when I load an empty song
Anyone hazs modular g1 to verify …?

Does the same thing happen after you hit Panic in Renoise?

We do send out AllNotesOff and AllControllers Off messages when loading new songs and also when doing a painic to completely reset the HW. Probably the Nord has a problem with this.

Has the Nord a inbuilt USB MIDI interface or do you feed it with external MIDI? If it has, does it work with the external MIDI?

Hmmm think the problem is partly solved …I assigned some midi ctrl tot the modular knobs …looks like renoise doesn’t like it

Yes the same thing happens when I press the panic button , got some more info
It seems that renoise sends controller data ( value zero ) when a new project is opened …so when I have assigned different midi controller cc’s to the modular’s button …these will all reset to 0.0
Quit strange that renoise does this altough I haven’ t inserted a midi cc device to send the information
Everything behaves normal when I haven(t assigned any controller numbers to the modular …but then I can’t automate it’s parameters and that’s not really an option

WOOOW …it didn’t read your post carrefullu …so renoise sends all note off and on’s and cc’s on start up !
Fuck .that is no good !!!
Please change this …THis makes my modular utterly useless …this means that i have modify each parameter to it’s initial state by midi …

Idea …
Make ’ send user defined midi data snapshot device on start up ’

Onem ore question , how come that when recording midi controller in the effects collumn , only one effect colums gets used ?

All Controllers Off should only reset relevant parameters (like sustain & so on) to its default, not all CCs to zero. This also seems to be no problem with other MIDI hardware.
Does a preset change reset the Nord to a useful state then again?

I don’t have a nod here, what do the modular knobs do?

Does anyone know what all the other “major” sequencer send on panic?

Well yeah reloading the patch works …
But let me give you an example …I assigned cc’s to attack,decay sustain and release of a nord modular patch(it doen’t mather wich assigned to which parameter the modular is verry flexible for this ) …When I tweak these setting everything is o.k. but then when reloading a new song …the before mentioned tweaked parameters will reset to zero …
But I found a workaround for this …I create templates on my kenton control freak and send a snapshot …( involving switching lot of midi cables)
Now if only renoise’s built in midi cc devices could send a snapshot that would be awesome .