Normalizing Multisamples (Instruments)

So iv loaded up some samples and now i want to normalize them all with 1 click. how do i do that? should be a very simple and basic feature, im sure i overlooked it!

lol, yo dawg…can i also use doofers for that?

I also would like to have a solution where the normalization level can depend (if checked) on the selected sample in the group that can be least normalized (if all samples are relatively mixed towards each other).
Normalizing is a scriptable feature though, i’m not yet sure how to think out a routine that figures out which sample would have changed the least amount of db strength and what the formula should be to transition db to points etc.

in general some batch sample editing would save a lot of time. Such a script should traverse all samples and look for the highest peak and then normalize every sample basing on that. I’m eagerly waiting for you to make it, vV :)

Yeah, i first have to fix the instrument presetmanager and then the arpeggiator for which i need to find motivation for.