Norwegian Sleazecore?

Since I downloaded Renoise, I have put three tracks up on and

I’m quite pleased with doing the two latest, “Panda, the silent baby killer” and “Silver lining”, as they represent ways of working with music that I’ve never done before. Silver lining is my first attempt at cutting up a beat, and Panda is nothing but samples, mostly from the BB5 samplepack.

I like to think that if Leisure Suit Larry was to find himself in a low-budget jazzclub, the band would be playing something similar to Panda. :badteeth:

Listening now…

These are pretty fun! Some mix issues come to mind though. More reduction work in the bas frequencies, perhaps a little boosting around 10k, and some LP filtering on the tops - all differently for each track of course.

Keep 'em weird :)