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i’m not totally getting the thread title.
did you mean: “which demo/intro/mod made you become a musician/coder/gfx artist” ?

well if so, none for me. it was a friend’s friend that was writing chiptunes for amiga cracktros (fairlight).

but whatever… i always loved watching demos, especially during the amiga / pc dos days. my favs:

but the first one i ever saw on PC was the mindblowing:

btw: the condom corruption soundtrack of “state of the art” also rocked my amiga monitor speakers on an almost daily basis back then. travolta is a true legend.

my all-time-favourite: :yeah: :yeah:

Second Reality - Future Crew

Many more on Amiga and C64… mehh nostalgia moment :lol:

Many oldschool demos inspired me to become interested in programming.
They inspired me to play with assembler / c# which lead me onto my career as a programmer :)

I heard about the demo scene some time after I got into tracking, so no demo “made” me.

I grew to become quite a fan though. Here’s a couple of favorites:

Halcyon - Hplus


This demo always reminded me of:

Second Reality reminded me of:

Dont know how thats nostalgic. State of the art is a newskool demo being only 15 years old :)

I was first in line when this came out:

The DVD i am most proud of in my collection. :)

The first demo I saw back in 1991 was Cascada’s Cronologia:…&playnext=1

But Future Crew’s “Panic” along with “Second Reality” were the coolest from that era. Although I remember when I attended the Computer Crossroads demo party back in 1993 that Triton’s winning demo “Crystal Dreams II” was pretty amazing too.

Triton members also made the famous Fasttracker, which really got me started making music on the PC.

The first module I “saw” was Piano Plinker. (I’ll screencap/youtube it some day) That didn’t make me start composing though, for years I was (very) content to just rip modules and play them back in a tracker… it’s funny to recall how EXCITED I was about Protracker 3.xx, without even actually using it to make music :lol: I begun dipping my toes into music with FT2, not really before that.

I’m not so sure about the first demo, but I think it was Enigma. I was amazed by Odyssey. I also kept loading a cracktro just to listen to introfronty, and there was a skid row intro tune I adored a lot. Oh, and 4Mat!!

I got into tracking because of BWSB. It was a sound library for Quick Basic 4.5 that acted as a high level interface to the sound card. It supported .wav playback and various mod formats including .mod, .s3m and .xm… I was interested in using it to provide music for simple video games. Needless to say, the farthest I ever got in that realm (at least in qbasic) was creating a pong game with some kickass human-behaviour-modeled AI, a 2d stick-figure engine with limb rotation meant for a fighting game, and various simple raster graphics functions… none of which really gave me much but programming experience.

It was however, a my first foray into digital music production. Scream Tracker 3 was the first package I used, followed in quick succession by Fast Tracker 2, which I liked much more due to the many features it had that ST3 didn’t. Why didn’t I go to IT2? I HATED the interface. It confused the hell outa me.

I stuck with FT2 for quite a while, but I also used Velvet Studio quite a bit… it was actually slightly more powerful than FT2, with features like multiple effect columns, but had some minor stability issues.

Anyway, long story short, after many lost songs due to the Iomega Zip Click of Death™, the industry reached a point where ISA sound cards were no longer being supported, and as a result, my two favorite trackers didn’t work anymore without legacy drivers. Even then, the support sucked. Windows XP made this even worse as it was based on Windows NT architecture, and only provided an emulated DOS environment that didn’t include XMS (Extended Memory) support required by trackers.

I spent ages trying to find a decent tracker that emulated the FT2 interface, to no avail. ALL of the windows trackers I tried (I’m not naming names, you know who you are) were absolutely horrible.

Imagine my surprise many years later when I find a lovely clone of the most wonderful tracker in the world. That’s right, MilkyTracker. MilkyTracker kicks soooo much ass. Finally, a project that caters to wayward ex-FT2 users, and does it properly. Yay Milky!

Unfortunately for MilkyTracker, I subsequently found Renoise. It has smoother UI than any tracker I’ve ever used, plus it has a whackload of modern features. I was in heaven. I still am. What? It’s pay software? Meh. It’s worth it.

Oh wait, this thread was about demos? Heheh… I got a bit carried away.

I like Debris.

it’s not just a demo that made a (wannabe) musician out of me.
Just the urge to do things myself.

AMIGA made it possible

and just for the sake of a nice collection of demo’s in this threat:

My favorite all time demo would have to be Bud Brain from 1990.…feature=related

And let us not forget the infamous fairlight intro on a ton of c64 games. I used to just sit and listen to this song as a little kid. Awesome stuff.



I’ve to vol2 - Amiga-Demos :) And in my case the “nostalgia” began by listening to the works of Edwin van Santen (20CC)…van-santen.html