Not Meaning To Be Ungrateful - Price? Vat Vs. No Vat

I don’t mean to be ungrateful and it is mostly my fault - but the price was 49 if you ordered on the back of 2.0 or 59 if you ordered now for 2.5…

So I finally prised my credit card out (the moths!) and tried to order and the price is 69…

I am going to buy it and the 69 is not the issues but why the fluctuations…?

Kick me if you wish…




From what I understand the 69 EUR is including VAT for EU customers. So, that’s 58 EUR without VAT.

For non-EU customers the price is fixed to 79 USD.

Is there a glitch in the form or something we should be aware of?

Ok, I just tested and there’s a glitch.

I’m a Canadian. When I first click I get charged 69 Euro converted to canadian (97.25 CAD), but if I change to U.S. currency then back to Canadian I get charged 79 US converted to Canadian. (81.38 CAD). Some sort of browser/cookie problem.

Until we work this out, I suggest manually changing the currency to U.S. and back again?

Regardless of that glitch, I see you changed the 59€ to 69€ VAT included on the order page, but that really depends on the buyer’s location.
The average VAT rate is 19% but UK has 15% and Poland has 22% for instance…

I registered when it was priced at 49€ and had 9.60€ (19.6% French VAT) added, which made it 58.60€

EDIT: looks like you’ve changed from swreg to avangate and have a “forced” VAT included price now.
In France, downloadable software is assimilated to a provision of service, and a provision of service’s VAT rate depends on the buyer location.
I hope you checked that out and are not putting yourself into trouble with your tax administration.

The change to Avangate was to get rid of the rediculous commissions on top of the original price if you would buy through Paypal or other online pay-services.
So those who are depending on those services actually would not pay more than if they would have registered for the old 49 euro’s at swreg.

Yes VAT is included now and is also offered for that price, without VAT it is actually not 59 but 57.98 Euro.
It was considered more fair to mention the price including VAT than try to pursuade someone to register based on the price without VAT. So you should not be paying more than what is mentioned.
But yes, VAT differs in various countries, so there is a point in mentioning on the order page that the price is including 19% VAT and the actual price may be different if the VAT is different.

Ahh well - been and done it now!!!

$US 79 - I feel good!

Have been toying with Renoise since I saw an old article in CM magazine… altho I have no clear idea how it works just yet - I do love the way it flows. Having come from Live it is a giant leap though…

As soon as I saw 2.5 was out I knew I had to get it. The UI of Renoise is WAY different but then again I like it and it works for me.

Thanks everyone.


Doesn’t make any difference to this thread but UK VAT went back to its normal 17.5% at the beginning of this year. It was only reduced to 15% as temporarily as an attempt to help during the credit crisis.

Sorry for the troubles. The price is fixed to 58 EUR without VAT now. So USD and other countries who don’t have to pay VAT should no longer get a different price.